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Request for Placement Test

  •  I give my permission for my child to participate in the CTY Online Programs placement testing. Further, I agree to CTY's Privacy Policy.
  • Fields marked with  *  are mandatory fields.
  • This form to request a CTY placement test is to be completed only by a parent or legal guardian of a prospective student.

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CTY Online Programs - Placement tests Terms and Conditions

 I certify that my child is eligible for CTY Online Programs based on the criteria listed on the Eligibility page:

 I understand and accept that these are not admissions tests. They are designed solely to provide guidance for eligible students selecting CTY Online Programs courses. They are for internal purposes only and should not be used to certify mastery of specific courses.

 I agree that any work submitted to CTY Online Programs will be the student's own. I also agree that the student will take these tests without assistance from books, notes, or other aids.

Parent/Guardian Electronic Signature:
By typing your name in the space below, you indicate that you have read and agree to the above terms. You must type your name exactly as you entered it earlier in the Placement request form. i.e. FirstName followed by LastName for e.g. John Doe