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Letter from the Executive Director

"CTY is so much more than a single class or person, more than one site, one country, or one year’s worth of programs."

Dear Friends,

It’s only been a few months since I arrived, yet the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth already feels like home.

From the moment I arrived and began to settle in, I’ve met remarkable students who are passionate about learning, and worked alongside staff members dedicated to educating the world’s best and brightest young minds. I’ve encountered parents, educators, policymakers, and friends who are enthusiastic, loyal CTY supporters.

And I’ve learned that years ago some of our Summer Programs students coined the phrase “forevermore” to refer to the idea that even after you’ve left CTY, CTY remains, like any true home, a part of you forever.

It’s in your love of learning, your career choice, your best friends. It’s in your dedication to pursuing and triumphing over challenges, to thinking about the world in an entirely new way. Thriving in this boundless network of talented people and in their discoveries and achievements, CTY is so much more than a single class or person, more than one site, one country, or one year’s worth of programs.

CTY has a huge impact on more lives than we can ever know, and its essence cannot be contained in any single description. In the pages that follow, you’ll encounter this ineffable place in the stories of students, alumni, instructors, and friends from around the world, all people who have been forever transformed by their experiences at CTY.

CTY needs its visible champions, people like you who are committed to preserving our base and extending our reach. We’ve valued your support in the past and look forward to engaging with you in the work that lies ahead.


Elaine T. Hansen, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Enrollments & Lives Touched

  2011 Since 1979
Talent Search participants 50,025 1,745,120
Student enrollments in all CTY programs 28,150 472,642
Summer Programs enrollments 9,233 185,681
CTYOnline enrollments 11,450 99,436
Family Academic Programs enrollments 7,467 187,527
One-course scholarships donated by colleges and universities to top-scoring CTY Talent Search students 685 22,366
Estimated value of one-course scholarships $1,541,258 $34,133,294
Financial aid awarded
(excluding one-course scholarships)
$5,565,000 $43,186,373
Financial aid awared
(including one-course scholarships)
$7,106,258 $77,319,667